Mengo Children's Foundation (MCF) is a children's charity founded in 2012 to promote the welfare and
to improve the living conditions of orphans, street children, abandoned children, vulnernable women and to addicted youth in rural Uganda.  

Since September 2012, MCF has facilitated the education of over 200 children through school fee sponsorships
and scholastic support from donations.  In 2016 MCF opened the Mengo Children's Center to provide a
place for children to receive educational classes.

Our Mission is to create a better future for the children of Uganda.

We strive to create a society of responsible citizens who will contribute to the development of their communities.

Our Objectives

  • Support the education of Ugandan children.
  • Develop talent and skills in our children.
  • Provide a healthcare clinic and mental health program to support our children.
  • Youth recovery from drugs
  • Foster spiritual development.
  • Farm the land to provide a sustainable food source for the Foundation.
  • Develop an orphanage to provide a safe and stable home for our children.

We can't do it without your support. 

Please browse through our website for more information on what we're trying to accomplish at Mengo.