Wilber Sempijja

Founder and Executive Director

Wilber Sempijja is the Founder and Executive Director of the Mengo Children’s Foundation. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, is trained in childcare and is a facilitator in the Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Training Program. Wilber is also a qualified soccer coach.

Since 2009, Wilber has been a champion for children’s rights in Uganda. Driven by first-hand experience of the difficulty of growing up in Uganda, Wilber worked tirelessly to create the Mengo Children’s Foundation as a response to the overwhelming number of orphans, abandoned children, street children, vulnerable women and addicted youth. 

Dauda Mugyenyl
MCF Soccer Academy Director

Dauda Mugyenyl has been MCF’s Soccer Academy Director since 2013. He holds a CAF-C license and works with our children to develop the skills of the game while teaching them the life lessons of gender empowerment, financial literacy and HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness.

Coach Mugyenyl is responsible for planning and supervising training sessions to develop the fitness and soccer skills of our children. 

Jamila Hasahya

MCF Administrator and Teacher

Jamila Hasahya is our lead teacher at MCF as well as the school’s administrator. She has been with MCF since 2015. Jamilah holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and is very passionate in serving our children.

Madison Jones
MCF -Coordinator USA 

Contact Madison at:

Andy Grist.

MCF - Coordinator USA.